youtube-dl 2021.12.17 Free Download - VideoHelp (2023)

youtube-dl 2021.12.17


[postprocessor/ffmpeg] Show ffmpeg output on error (#22680, #29336)


[youtube] Update signature function patterns (#30363, #30366)
[peertube] Only call description endpoint if necessary (#29383)
[periscope] Pass referer to HLS requests (#29419)
[liveleak] Remove extractor (#17625, #24222, #29331)
[pornhub] Add support for pornhubthbh7ap3u.onion
[pornhub] Detect geo restriction
[pornhub] Dismiss tbr extracted from download URLs (#28927)
[curiositystream:collection] Extend _VALID_URL (#26326, #29117)
[youtube] Make get_video_info processing more robust (#29333)
[youtube] Workaround for get_video_info request (#29333)
[bilibili] Strip uploader name (#29202)
[youtube] Update invidious instance list (#29281)
[umg:de] Update GraphQL API URL (#29304)
[nrk] Switch psapi URL to https (#29344)
[egghead] Add support for (#28404, #29303)
[appleconnect] Fix extraction (#29208)
[orf:tvthek] Add support for MPD formats (#28672, #29236)

Getting started

In Windows save the exe version somewhere (in your PATH if you want to run it simply as youtube-dl) and run it from the command line.

To install it right away for all UNIX users (Linux, OS X, etc.), type:
sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

In Unix, download it, give it execution permission and copy it to one of the PATH directories (typically, /usr/local/bin).

To update, simply call youtube-dl -U, we recommend to do it often.

After that, you should be able to call it from the command line as youtube-dl. I will use youtube-dl in the following examples. Usage instructions are easy. Use youtube-dl followed by a video URL or identifier. Example: youtube-dl "". The video will be saved to the file foobar.flv in that example. As videos are usually in Flash Video format, their extension should be flv. In Linux and other unices, video players using a recent version of ffmpeg can play them. That includes VLC, MPlayer, etc. Those two work under Windows and other platforms, but you could also get a specific FLV player of your taste.

If you try to run the program and you receive an error message containing the keyword SyntaxError near the end, it means your Python interpreter is too old, remember that youtube-dl need Python version 2.6, 2.7, or 3.2+.

More usage tips

The program is usually invoked as youtube-dl followed by options and the video URLs. Listing all the options here would make this text too long, so you can run youtube-dl --help and get a summary of them. From that point on you can start experimenting with the different options yourself. The most common ones are -t (or -l) to include the video title in the file name. Also, the -o option can specify the output file name and path. It allows special character sequences that can be used as templates to be replaced. See the "Output template" section for more details.

Some YouTube videos are served using Adobe's proprietary RTMP protocol, which imposes DRM restrictions and encrypts the connection. youtube-dl is not able to download these videos by itself. However, it will attempt to use the rtmpdump program, if it's installed in your system, to download these videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions documentation chapter contains answers to some common questions that pop up in my e-mail and in the issue tracker. Be sure to check it before reporting problems.

Supported sites

youtube-dl can download videos from not only YouTube, but over 500 different services. For a complete list, see the Supported sites pages or execute youtube-dl --extractor-descriptions.

Proxy support

youtube-dl supports downloading videos through a proxy, by setting the http_proxy environment variable to the proxy URL, as in http://proxy_machine_name:port/.

YouTube Video

Using the -f option and other related options, you can specify the video format to be downloaded. Add the -F option to see all valid formats. If you have an order of preference other than best quality, specify the formats separating them with slashes: -f 22/17/18. You can also pass in an extension, like -f mp4/webm.

Output template

The -o option allows users to indicate a template for the output file names. The basic usage is not to set any template arguments when downloading a single file, like in youtube-dl -o funny_video.flv "http://some/video". However, it may contain special sequences that will be replaced when downloading each video. The special sequences have the format %(NAME)s. To clarify, that's a percent symbol followed by a name in parenthesis, followed by a lowercase S. Allowed names are:

id: The sequence will be replaced by the video identifier.
url: The sequence will be replaced by the video URL.
uploader: The sequence will be replaced by the nickname of the person who uploaded the video.
upload_date: The sequence will be replaced by the upload date in YYYYMMDD format.
title: The sequence will be replaced by the video title.
ext: The sequence will be replaced by the appropriate extension (like flv or mp4).
epoch: The sequence will be replaced by the Unix epoch when creating the file.
autonumber: The sequence will be replaced by a five-digit number that will be increased with each download, starting at zero.
The current default template is %(id)s.%(ext)s, but that will be switchted to %(title)s-%(id)s.%(ext)s (which can be requested with -t at the moment).

In some cases, you don't want special characters such as , spaces, or &, such as when transferring the downloaded filename to a Windows system or the filename through an 8bit-unsafe channel. In these cases, add the --restrict-filenames flag to get a shorter title:

$ youtube-dl --get-filename -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" BaW_jenozKc
youtube-dl test video ''_ä .mp4 # All kinds of weird characters
$ youtube-dl --get-filename -o "%(title)s.%(ext)s" BaW_jenozKc --restrict-filenames
youtube-dl_test_video_.mp4 # A simple file name

All supported sites:
1tv: ,, 20min,, 23video, 24video, 3qsdn: 3Q SDN, 3sat, 4tube,, 5min, 6play, 7plus, 8tracks, 91porn, 9c9media, 9gag,,,, abcnews, abcnews:video, abcotvs: ABC Owned Television Stations, abcotvs:clips, AcademicEarth:Course, acast, acast:channel, AddAnime, ADN: Anime Digital Network, AdobeTV, AdobeTVChannel, AdobeTVShow, AdobeTVVideo, AdultSwim, aenetworks: A+E Networks: A&E, Lifetime,, FYI Network and History Vault, afreecatv:, AirMozilla, AliExpressLive, AlJazeera, Allocine, AlphaPorno, AMCNetworks, AmericasTestKitchen, anderetijden:,,, and, AnimeOnDemand, Anvato, APA, Aparat, AppleConnect, AppleDaily: , appletrailers, appletrailers:section, videos, ARD, ARD:mediathek, ARDBetaMediathek, Arkena,,,,,,,,,,,, AsianCrush, AsianCrushPlaylist, AtresPlayer, ATTTechChannel, ATVAt, AudiMedia, AudioBoom, audiomack, audiomack:album, auroravid: AuroraVid, AWAAN, awaan:live, awaan:season, awaan:video, AZMedien: AZ Medien videos, BaiduVideo: , bambuser, bambuser:channel, Bandcamp, Bandcamp:album, Bandcamp:weekly, BiliBili , bbc: BBC, BBC iPlayer, BBC articles,,, BBVTV, Beatport, Beeg, BehindKink, Bellator, BellMedia, Bet, Bigflix, Bild:, BiliBili, BioBioChileTV, BIQLE, BitChute, BitChuteChannel, BleacherReport, BleacherReportCMS, blinkx, Bloomberg, BokeCC, BostonGlobe, Bpb: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, BR: Bayerischer Rundfunk, BravoTV, Break, brightcove:legacy, brightcove:new, BRMediathek: Bayerischer Rundfunk Mediathek, bt:article: Bergens Tidende Articles, bt:vestlendingen: Bergens Tidende - Vestlendingen, BusinessInsider, BuzzFeed, BYUtv, Camdemy, CamdemyFolder, CamModels, CamTube, CamWithHer,, Canalplus: and, Canvas, CanvasEen: and, CarambaTV, CarambaTVPage, CartoonNetwork,,,,,, CBS, CBSInteractive, CBSLocal, cbsnews: CBS News, cbsnews:livevideo: CBS News Live Videos, CBSSports, CCMA, CCTV: , CDA, CeskaTelevize, CeskaTelevizePorady, channel9: Channel 9, CharlieRose, Chaturbate, Chilloutzone, chirbit, chirbit:profile, Cinchcast, CiscoLiveSearch, CiscoLiveSession, CJSW, cliphunter, Clippit, ClipRs, Clipsyndicate, CloserToTruth, CloudflareStream, cloudtime: CloudTime, Cloudy, Clubic, Clyp,, CNBC, CNBCVideo, CNN, CNNArticle, CNNBlogs, ComCarCoff, ComedyCentral, ComedyCentralFullEpisodes, ComedyCentralShortname, ComedyCentralTV, CondeNast: Condé Nast media group: Allure, Architectural Digest, Ars Technica, Bon Appétit, Brides, Condé Nast, Condé Nast Traveler, Details, Epicurious, GQ, Glamour, Golf Digest, SELF, Teen Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W Magazine, WIRED, Corus, Coub, Cracked, Crackle, Criterion, CrooksAndLiars, crunchyroll, crunchyroll:playlist, CSNNE, CSpan: C-SPAN, CtsNews: , CTVNews, Culturebox, CultureUnplugged, curiositystream, curiositystream:collection, CWTV, DailyMail, dailymotion, dailymotion:playlist, dailymotion:user, DaisukiMotto, DaisukiMottoPlaylist,,,,, DBTV, DctpTv, DeezerPlaylist,, democracynow, DHM: Filmarchiv - 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(Video) Basic guide to Youtube-DL on Windows


How do I update YouTube-dl exe? ›

Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output. Make sure you are using the latest version; type youtube-dl -U to update.

Is Youtubedl illegal? ›

Downloading videos from YouTube is in breach of YouTube's Terms of Service, and the company could sue you. YouTube has shown no desire to penalize users for downloading videos. Downloading copyrighted videos without permission is a criminal act.

How do I fix YouTube that won't download? ›

I can't download videos
  1. Check that you're signed into YouTube Premium.
  2. Check that your membership hasn't expired.
  3. Check YouTube Premium availability in your location.
  4. Check your download settings.
  5. Check your version of the YouTube app.
  6. Check the strength of your internet connection.
  7. Check how many devices you've downloaded on.

How do I install YouTube DLP on Windows 10? ›

How to install YTdlp - kylon/Sharedown Wiki
  1. Open Environment Variables...
  2. Edit Path variable in User variables.
  3. Add a new path and select the folder where the YT-dlp.exe resides.
  4. Sign out from Windows and sign in again, or reboot your pc, to apply the changes.
Oct 11, 2021

How do I get youtube-dl to work? ›

The simplest way to use YouTube-dl is to give it the URL of a youtube video. Go to a video on YouTube that you want to download. Select the text of the URL in the address bar, and copy it to your clipboard by pressing Ctrl + C . If the URL has a "&" in it (a playlist, for example), only copy the URL up to the & symbol.

What sites work with youtube-dl? ›

You can use youtube-dl to download videos from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, DailyMotion and many more.

Can you go to jail for downloading music from YouTube converters? ›

Using a Youtube converter to download a personal copy is against US copyright law, keeping the music industry afloat and stopping people from downloading music for free without punishment.

Can you get caught using YouTube-dl? ›

Downloading a Youtube video with youtube-dl IS NOT violating copyright in the USA. Downloading videos may violate Youtube's TOS, but that's civil/contract law and not criminal and so the DMCA can't be used to enforce such TOS violations. Downloading a Youtube video is making a copy.

Can I trust YouTube-dl? ›

Yes, it is totally safe to install youtube-dl for downloading YouTube videos.

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