Online Phlebotomy Class & National Certification | Phlebotomy Career Training (2023)

Online Phlebotomy Technician Course & Certification Overview

Are you passionate about helping others? Phlebotomy technicians collect blood samples for laboratory testing and play a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. If you are interested in getting into healthcare without spending years in school, this course may be the perfect fit for you.

This course can be completed online. The course curriculum includes principles of proper phlebotomy technique, specimen processing, point of care testing, compassionate patient care, maintenance and use of equipment, record keeping and documentation, basic principles of anatomy and physiology, disease process, therapeutic communication, hazardous materials management, and patient assessment.

Upon course completion, students will need to pass the online certification exam to receive their Phlebotomy Technician Certification. Our online classes offer national accrediting exams which allow students to work as a phlebotomist.

Student Experience While Taking Our Online Phlebotomy Class

The online Phlebotomy Technician training is designed to work with your schedule. Courses are self-paced and accessible 24/7. The modules are also mobile-friendly. The curriculum can be completed in as little as 4 weeks, but you will have as long as 6 months to complete the course from the time of enrollment.

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Upon registration, students will be given the option to create an account with their own password. This will allow the students immediate access to their program. Students who do not choose this option will have their accounts created for them.

Students will be assigned an instructor who will send them a welcome email that includes information about the student’s account as well as their program. Your assigned instructor can help you with any questions you may have while taking the course.

Online Phlebotomy Class Prerequisites

A high school diploma or equivalent GED is recommended to enroll in the Online Phlebotomy Technician Course. No prior work experience is required.

Online Phlebotomy Class Curriculum (Modules & Exams)

The Phlebotomy Technician training includes 170 hours of course content and covers 35 individual course topics including:

  • Principles of proper phlebotomy technique
  • Specimen processing
  • Point of care testing
  • Compassionate patient care
  • Maintenance and use of equipment
  • Record keeping and documentation
  • Basic principles of anatomy and physiology
  • Disease process
  • Therapeutic communication
  • Hazardous materials management
  • Patient assessment.
  • Order of draw
  • Pre-analytical variables
  • How to locate veins/troubleshoot hard to find veins
  • Phlebotomy Scope of practice
  • and much moreStudents will need to pass a Certification Exam for each course after completing the course to receive their certification.

Phlebotomy Internship Requirements

Phlebotomy Techniciansmust complete a clinical of 30 venipunctures as a part of the Phlebotomy Technician clinical core requirements to graduate from our program. Each draw must be supervised and signed off on a blood draw log and externship forms that will be provided to the student.

Urgent care centers, doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other clinics are popular internship locations. We recommend students begin their internship by the end of their second module for each course. Virtual alternatives are available for those who are unable to find an internship in their area.

A virtual alternative is available for all Phlebotomy Technicians who enroll in a Phlebotomy Technician program. Students may also complete their clinical requirements using the VSK (Virtual Simulation Kit) included upon registration. Students will work with their instructors on their phlebotomy techniques via video submissions and corrections. The student will follow the videos provided online and the instructions in their kit to complete their blood draws.

(Video) Day 1 of Phlebotomy at Phlebotomy Career Training

Students must send in videos of themselves drawing blood using the practice kit. Our instructors will provide the student feedback and indicate any corrections that need to be made. The student will continue this process until they have completed all 30 blood draws.

Virtual Simulation Kit for Phlebotomy Technician Students

Phlebotomy Career Training offers an alternate way for students to complete their internship in phlebotomy. The VSK (Virtual Simulation Kit) provides all the equipment to prepare students to work in laboratories and or physician offices.

The kit will be shipped out after 5 to 7 business days of purchase.

Students With Prior Experience

Students may submit a letter from their employer on company letterhead or a notarized resume as proof of experience in order to have their clinical requirements waived.

About Phlebotomy Career Training

Phlebotomy Career Training (PCT) has been educating students and professionals throughout the U.S. with online and in-person programs for over 14 years. PCT is a licensed post-secondary proprietary school and boasts recognition through the following accredited organizations; NTA, NIVA, NAPTP, NCCT, AMT, AMCA, and the NHA.

PCT understands the adult student’s need for quality education, hands-on learning, and a fast-track career path. Students can expect professional educators and quality instruction throughout their course. 95% of our graduates have found employment opportunities in their field! All students will have access to Phlebotomy Career Training’s Private Job Board when they register. Phlebotomy Career Training’s Job Board offers job openings for students nationwide. Organizations have reached out to Phlebotomy Career Training specifically to hire our students. Students can take advantage of job interview technique videos, free resume templates made by our staff, and a plethora of jobs that are added weekly.

Phlebotomy Class Instructors

Each student will be assigned a designated instructor upon enrollment. Our qualified instructors consist of Family Nurse Practitioners, RNs, Phlebotomists, and qualified medical professionals. Your instructor will personally reach out to you and will be available to answer any questions throughout the program.

(Video) Online Phlebotomy Certification & Online Phlebotomist Training : Contra Costa Medical Career College

Our world-class, qualified instructors have years of teaching and field experience as Family Nurse Practitioners, medical students, and phlebotomists.

What’s Included With Our Online Phlebotomy Class

The course includes the following:

  • Phlebotomy Technician Certificate
  • Virtual Simulation Kit (Includes all equipment necessary to complete clinical requirements)
  • Complimentary one attempt to take the National Phlebotomy Technician Certification Exam through the NAPTP
  • NAPTP Study Guide in PDF format (403 pages, full book)
  • Access to additional resources and materials
  • Access to instructors via phone and email.
  • Available meeting times for students via Zoom by appointment with experienced medical professionals, LPNs, RNs, and Doctors.

Phlebotomy Employment Opportunities

Phlebotomy is a growing career field with great prospects. If you are looking for a career path with ample employment opportunities, competitive pay, benefits, and job satisfaction, phlebotomy may be a great fit for you. 95% of our students were able to find employment upon graduation. Students will be given access to Phlebotomy Career Training’s Job Board where students may take advantage of job offerings, resume templates and videos on, “How to Interview for Medical Positions”! The job board consists of job openings from hospitals, physician offices and labs who have contacted Phlebotomy Career Training and personally requested our graduates!

FAQs About Our Online Phlebotomy Class

Do the online courses require an in-person test?

There are multiple national certification exams that PCT graduates may take. We offer one complimentary attempt at the NAPTP National Phlebotomy Certification Exam, which is online. Students can choose to take other national exams from the AMT, NHA, AMCA, NCCT, and the ASCP but the student will be responsible for the cost. These organizations may require that you take their exam in person.

How does the internship/ externship work?

As part of the Phlebotomy Technician Certification Program, students are required to complete an internship that will allow them to practice their blood drawing skills. You may see this internship referred to as an externship or clinical in various materials; these all refer to the same requirement. Students are responsible for securing an internship. Your instructor can provide you with a letter to help you secure an internship. If you are unable to find an internship, then you may choose to use the VSK (Virtual Simulation Kit).

(Video) Phlebotomy Career Training's Online Medical Assistant offers unique state of the art education.

How do the credit hours work?

Students who complete the full Phlebotomy Technician Certification Program will receive 16.5 CEUs through NTA. Read more about the credit hours here.

Is Phlebotomy Career Training accredited?

Yes, PCT is accredited through The National Center for Competency Testing. In addition, the following organizations also certify PCT’s courses:

Is Phlebotomy a good stepping stone into other medical careers?

Phlebotomy is a great way to get into healthcare without any prior experience in the field. And there are many advancement opportunities for phlebotomy technicians once they get their foot in the door. The Phlebotomy Technician training is also a great learning opportunity for those that are looking to apply to medical school or nursing programs.

Need Help Financing?

Phlebotomy Career Training now offers financial assistance through Meritize! Funding your future? There has never been a better time to gain in-demand skills and jump start your future. The Meritize platform provides merit-based funding options for career training programs to help you get started!

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  1. Click here to get started:
  2. Look up Phlebotomy Career Training
  3. Select the program you are interested in!
  4. Make sure you are selecting “Online” versus “Garden City, MI”
  5. Complete the form and Meritize will let you know if funding is available for you!

Is the Phlebotomy Technician Certification valid nationwide?

Yes, the Phlebotomy Technician Certification from PCT is valid in the United States and Canada. Students should always check with their state department for their licensing or certification requirements.


Is phlebotomy career training an accredited school? ›

Yes. PCT is accredited through The National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT). NCCT is an independent accrediting organization serving technical schools throughout the U.S. for nearly 30 years. It's the same kind of accreditation process colleges and universities must undergo.

What is the highest degree in phlebotomy? ›

A bachelor's degree in phlebotomy isn't generally available, but you can pursue a related degree in clinical laboratory sciences. A bachelor's degree in this field prepares you to work in a lab or blood bank using some of the same skills utilized in phlebotomy.

What is the difference between a licensed phlebotomist and a certified phlebotomist? ›

Certification. Phlebotomists and phlebotomy technicians earn the same certificate or license regardless of job title. Since the job duties, particularly those related to the actual drawing of blood, are the same, most issuing organizations offer the same certificate regardless of title.

Is the phlebotomy exam hard? ›

Phlebotomy is one of the easiest health-care professions to enter, with minimal training and certification requirements.

Is phlebotomy worth the money? ›

So Is a Phlebotomy Certification Worth It? If you're looking for a stable income and job security, earning certification is worth it. BLS 2020 data shows that a phlebotomist earned an annual salary of $36,320 and an hourly wage of $17.46.

What is the difference between phlebotomist 1 and phlebotomist 2? ›

Remember that a Phlebotomy Technician II license grants authorization to perform venipuncture, arterial punctures, and skin punctures. The primary difference for this license is that you must already have a current CDPH Phlebotomy Technician I license, along with 1040 hours of field-experience over the past five years.

Does a phlebotomist have letters after their name? ›

The designation "ASCP" means the phlebotomy technician has been certified by the American Society for Clinical Pathology, the world's largest professional organization for pathologists and medical laboratory technicians.

Are phlebotomists in demand? ›

Employment of phlebotomists is projected to grow 22 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. About 19,500 openings for phlebotomists are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

Is phlebotomy a good career choice? ›

Opportunities for Professional Growth

You already know that phlebotomy pays better than many other entry-level jobs. But, it's also an excellent career choice because it comes with many opportunities for growth. Some people remain a phlebotomist for their entire lives. You can find success in doing that.

How long is a phlebotomy course? ›

PhlebotomyU requires 20 hours of basic, 20 hours of advanced didactic, 50-60 hours of in-classroom practical, and a 40-120 hours internship. PhlebotomyU also provides NCCT National Phlebotomy Certification Examination (on-site), which is uncommon for most phlebotomy schools.

How many questions is the phlebotomy exam? ›

The National Certified Phlebotomy Technician Exam contains approximately 150 questions. 25 of these questions do not count toward the test taker's overall score. However, the remaining 125 questions do. The exam is also timed.

What are the 3 main veins to draw blood? ›

The most site for venipuncture is the antecubital fossa located in the anterior elbow at the fold. This area houses three veins: the cephalic, median cubital, and basilic veins (Figure 1).

How do you remember the order of draw? ›

The order of draw is an order of tubes phlebotomist should follow to prevent testing complications and cross-contamination of additives. The order of draw is Yellow, Light Blue, Red, Light Green, Dark Green, Lavender, and Gray. Way to remember this is by the saying Your brother Robert gives lovely gifts.

How long does it take to become a phlebotomist? ›

The Diploma in Phlebotomy is anywhere from 9 to 18 months depending on your schedule. The beauty of all the training courses is that they are flexible and you can fit them in around other work or studies, family life and other commitments.

What can I do with a phlebotomy course? ›

Depending on where you're based, you will work as part of a team with nurses, healthcare science staff working in blood sciences, biomedical scientists, GPs and other healthcare staff. You may work as a healthcare assistant, and then receive training in phlebotomy so that you can take patient's blood.

How do I become a phlebotomist in Jacksonville FL? ›

Students must complete the Basic Healthcare Worker and Phlebotomist courses in order to receive an FSCJ Continuing Workforce Education (CWE) Certificate of completion and be eligible to sit for the National Healthcare Association (NHA) Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) Exam.

How do I become a phlebotomist in Michigan? ›

At this educational institution, the only way of becoming a phlebotomist is by completing 40 hours of classroom lab, 25 hours of personal instruction, completion of 25 venipunctures, and a 40-hour off-site clinical rotation.


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