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Key Steps

Avoid and correct colour run in your wash by:

  • Separating clothes by colour before washing them. Read our article onhow to do laundryfor more guidance on this.

  • Washing new clothes, or those more prone to colour run (like red items), on their own.This will remove excess dye which would run in a normal wash.

  • Tackling colour run stains immediately. A key tip for how to fix colour run? Start ASAP: the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to remove. If all your efforts don't manage to restore your clothes then why not embrace the dye stain by learning how to tie dye your own clothes at homeinstead!

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You might think you know exactly how to stop colours running in the wash, but every now and again a stray red sock or new pair of jeans will inevitably slip under the radar. That's why it's always useful to know how to remove colour run stains from clothes, with home remedies and a few hero products, so you won’t be stuck with that pink shirt or baby blue underwear forever.

Heat can set stains and make figuring out how to remove colour run from clothes much harder, so never tumble dry stained clothes. Instead, act fast to treat the dye stain with your colour run remover or home remedy and wash again.

How to get colour run out of clothes

If it's too late for prevention, here's the cure. Knowing how to remove colour run from white or multicoloured clothes means there'll be no need to stress out even when you've turned a set of cricket whites into cricket pinks.

  1. 1. Don't put them in the dryer!

    The high heat of a tumble dryer will set any colour run stains from the laundry cycle. It'll be so much easier to figure out how to get colour run out of clothes if you've managed to spot colour run before popping them in the dryer... but if that warning came all too late, don't despair! Skip to step 3.

  2. 2. Remove the source of the colour run, and re-wash the stained clothes

    Dig out that red sock troublemaker, put it aside, and throw the affected clothes right back into your washing machine – if you haven’t dried your laundry, chances are, the colours aren’t set yet and a repeat wash will be your simple answer to how to get rid of colour run, ASAP.

  3. 3. For stubborn stains, treat with a colour run remover

    If your clothing has been stained heavily, your best bet is to soak the item in a colour run remover that is suitable for the fabric, before attempting to wash it again.

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  4. 4. How to remove colour run stains from clothes with home remedies

    If you don't have a good colour run remover, a home remedy can also work well for shifting stubborn colour stains.

    Try adding a cup of distilled white vinegar to a bowl of cold water and soaking the stained area. Be sure to test a small area of the clothing first to check it won’t be affected by the vinegar. Then wash again as normal. If you prefer, you could also swap the white vinegar here for lemon juice, still patch testing on the fabric first.

  5. 5. Wash again and dry!

    Once you're satisfied with the results of your colour run treatment, put the clothes back in the machine for another wash. Check if the stains have completely gone and then (and only then), hang them up to dry or pop them in the tumble dryer.

How to stop colours running in the wash

You've (hopefully) managed to lift the stains with your colour run remover or home remedy treatment, but you probably aren't in a hurry to do the whole thing again after your next laundry load. Here's how to prevent colour bleeding next time!

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  1. 1. Wash colours and whites separately

    The simplest answer to how to stop colour bleeding from clothes onto the rest of the laundry load? Separate your whites from your dark or brightly coloured items before doing laundry, and wash similar colours together as much as possible.

  2. 2. Be extra careful when washing new clothes

    It's harder to master how to stop colour bleeding from clothes that you've newly purchased, as the dye might not be fully set before the first wash. If you have any new garments in strong colours, you may want to wash these with similar colours only or hand-wash them the first time you wash them.

  3. 3. Double-check your clothes before tumble drying them

    Yes, we've said it before; but sticking to this rule will save you and your clothes some heartache. A spin in a hot tumble dryer can set stains into clothes for good. Instead of tipping your laundered clothes straight into the tumble dryer, check all the items for residual stains or colour run to see if you need to give them another wash first.

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Now you have some easy-to-follow tips for how to get colour run out of clothes (and how to stop the colour bleeding from clothes in the first place), you won't have to spend the next month in baby-pink shirts.

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What is the best way to remove colour run from clothes? ›

Take a white cloth and dampen it with a commercial stain remover, rubbing alcohol, hairspray, or any clear solvent that is 90% alcohol. Dab the stain with the white cloth repeatedly, and the dye should keep transferring from your garment onto the white cloth. Afterward, rinse in warm water.

How do you get colour run out of clothes UK? ›

Like any stain, a colour run is best treated if caught as soon as possible – while it's still wet. Rewash the stained item on its own with Persil small & mighty to rinse out the unwanted dye.

How do you get colour run out of white clothes UK? ›

Get rid of dye that ran in the wash

When it comes to whites, check whether the items have a 'do not bleach' symbol. If they don't, soak in a weak solution of household bleach for 15 minutes (make sure you wear rubber gloves). Rinse thoroughly and repeat until all the colour has been removed.

How do you clean up after a color run? ›

Regular soap will often get most of the color dust off. For more stubborn color, try soap with salicylic acid. When washing color run clothes, make sure you wash them in one load and in cold water. If participants would like to preserve the color in their T-shirt, simply spray it with vinegar and iron it.

Does white vinegar remove colour run? ›

If you don't have a good colour run remover, a home remedy can also work well for shifting stubborn colour stains. Try adding a cup of distilled white vinegar to a bowl of cold water and soaking the stained area. Be sure to test a small area of the clothing first to check it won't be affected by the vinegar.

Can baking soda remove colour run? ›

But what's a quick, easy and cheap way to remove colour run from clothes? Simple: Use baking soda. Baking soda, aka bicarbonate of soda, is a non-toxic odour neutraliser that can also brighten white laundry. So, it's the ideal product to work with when trying to remove a colour run issue.

How do you get colour runs out? ›

If it doesn't, soak the item in a weak solution of household bleach for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary. For lightly coloured items that aren't white, try using a colour-run remover – we recommend Dr Beckmann's Colour Run Remover.

Can you get rid of color transfer on clothes? ›

Rewash Clothes With Oxygen-Based Bleach and Detergent

Rewashing colored clothing with non-chlorine bleach, specifically oxygen-based, is the first step to getting rid of dye stains. Do this before putting the clothes in the dryer.

Does colour run powder wash out? ›

Color powder washes right out! Just take a shower, grab a bar of soap and some shampoo and you should be set! In our warehouse we use Dawn dishwashing soap to wash out the colored paint – it seems to do the trick on washing it out of skin.

How do I get my whites back to white after color run? ›

These steps using lemon juice or distilled white vinegar will help remove colour stains from your white clothes.
  1. Dab lemon juice or vinegar onto the stain. Dab the lemon juice or distilled white vinegar directly onto the stain.
  2. Scrub with an old toothbrush. ...
  3. Leave to soak for ten minutes. ...
  4. Wash normally.
14 Sept 2020

What removes color run from white clothes home remedies? ›

White Cotton and Chiffon: Soak your white cotton and chiffon clothes in a solution of chlorine bleach and water for 30 minutes, then wash as usual with Ariel detergent to get rid of colour stains. Dry under natural sunlight.

How does vinegar remove color transfer from white clothes? ›

Alternatively, it's possible to use white vinegar to remove the color stain. Pour 1 cup of white vinegar into a bucket of cold water, stir thoroughly and then rinse the stained garment.

Can vinegar remove color bleed? ›

Another household staple you can use to remove color bleed stains is white vinegar. To use white vinegar as a natural color remover, wet a cotton ball with vinegar and rub it at the back of the garments you are about to soak. If you don't see any color transfer on the cotton ball, you can use vinegar in the garments.

Does vanish remove colour run? ›

Some other products can be used to remove dye, such as Vanish or Oxiclean. These aren't as cheap as bleach, but might be worth trying if all else fails.

Does colour run dye come out? ›

The colour washes out but, as with anything that may stain, it is best to wash it as soon as possible after the event. Leaving running shoes for weeks before washing them may not be 100% successful in removing old colour.

Can you remove color run after drying? ›

Remove Color Bleed Stains With Oxygen-Based Bleach

Since this is color-safe, it can work on both white and colored clothing. If you use the other type of bleach, you'll need to know how to remove bleach stains from your colored items to keep them from being ruined. Put the affected laundry back in the wash.

Will vinegar fade colors? ›

Vinegar will lock in color so that your clothes don't fade quite as fast—but don't worry, it won't seal in that pungent vinegary smell along with. It will completely wash out by the end of the cycle, just leaving the crispest, most vibrant clothes without the lingering odor.

Does Bicarb shampoo remove color? ›

3. Baking Soda And Shampoo To Remove Hair Dye. Anti-dandruff shampoos have strong clarifying properties, which can help strip the color from your hair. In combination with baking soda, it will remove a considerable amount of color without causing as much damage as bleach would.

Does vinegar remove dye? ›

Key Takeaways. Vinegar can remove temporary hair dye without damaging your hair. Though both white vinegar and apple cider vinegar work effectively, many people use apple cider vinegar because of its fragrance. It is a safe technique to remove hair dye, but it may cause scalp irritation if you are allergic to vinegar.

How do I get my color back to normal? ›

Press Windows key + Control + C to restore the color.

How do I get my clothes back to original color? ›

Measure out either ½ cup of baking soda or 1 cup of peroxide. Toss whichever of these you choose in with white laundry and add detergent as normal for your wash cycle. One more method for how to brighten colored clothes is to use vinegar to help remove detergent residue that causes fading.

How do you remove color run from white wash? ›

To start, dissolve oxygen bleach in hot water, then add enough cold water to cool the mixture. Soak the garment in this solution for 15-30 minutes, then rinse. If the stain remains, try wetting the stains with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

How do you fix whites after washing colors? ›

Whites Turned Pink

To fix this, soak the discolored stuff in a sink filled with water and bleach (10 parts water to 1 part bleach) or OxiClean (read the label for the amount). Check every 15 minutes or so and remove when white; 90 minutes should be more than enough. Then machine wash.

Does bicarbonate of soda whiten clothes? ›

Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, has a multitude of uses for baking, personal health and hygiene and household chores. When used as part of your laundry routine, it can help whiten and brighten clothes, eliminate stubborn odors and stamp out stains.

How does baking soda remove colour stains from clothes? ›

To make a pre-treating paste, combine 6 tablespoons of ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda with ⅓ cup warm water. Test it on the garment first to check for colorfastness (color bleeding or fading) then rub the paste onto the stain, let dry, then toss in the wash.

What's the best stain remover? ›

The Best Laundry Stain Removers
  • Best Overall: Melaleuca PreSpot 4x Concentrate Stain Remover.
  • Best Bar Soap: Zote Laundry Soap Bar.
  • Best for Emergencies: Tide-To-Go Stain Remover Pen.
  • Best Heavy-Duty: Amodex Ink & Stain Remover.
  • Best Multipurpose: Sallye Ander Hogwash Bar Soap.
  • Best All-Natural: Cleancult Stain Stick.
2 May 2022

Does salt stop color bleeding? ›

Keep Colors Colorful

Salt can help restore vivid colors to your aging fabrics. Color Bleeding: Add 1/2 cup of salt to the wash cycle to prevent new colored fabrics from running. Curtains and Rugs: The colors of washable curtains or fiber rugs can be brightened by washing them in a saltwater solution.

Does hot water make colors bleed? ›

No, water temperature is not related to color loss, so it does not matter whether you wash your clothes in cold or hot water. You can use any temperature to wash colors, dark or light.

Does salt and vinegar set dye? ›

Salt and vinegar won't do the trick.

Although there is a popular belief that using salt and white vinegar to set dyes in your fabrics work, it actually does not. The acid in the vinegar helps set the dye, but is only essential in the dying process and does not really work for cotton dyes.

Does color run color come out of clothes? ›

The color mostly washes out after the event. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better. It's best to wear items that you wouldn't mind getting colorful.

Does color Run paint come out of clothes? ›

It's nothing a tumble through the washing machine won't take care of! Color Powder washes out of most clothing but since we haven't tested every fabric under the sun you may want to leave your favorite running clothes or evening dress at home. Dust off or blow off as much powder as possible before washing.

Can dry cleaners remove colour run? ›

But let's face it; hand washing is tiring and time-consuming. And this makes dry cleaning the best way to prevent and remove colour bleeding stains.

How do I get my clothes back to normal color? ›

Measure out either ½ cup of baking soda or 1 cup of peroxide. Toss whichever of these you choose in with white laundry and add detergent as normal for your wash cycle. One more method for how to brighten colored clothes is to use vinegar to help remove detergent residue that causes fading.

How do you get color out of white clothes without bleach? ›

Baking Soda

Stir one cup of baking soda into one gallon of boiling water, then remove from heat and add the dingy white clothes. Let them soak for at least an hour or overnight. The sodium bicarbonate will help cut through the soil on cotton clothing that leaves them dull. Wash as usual.

How does vinegar remove Colour stains from clothes? ›

Make a soak solution by mixing 1 cup of white vinegar and 2-3 tsp. of detergent in ½ bucket of water. Soak your garment in it for 40-50 minutes. Wash your garment in your washing machine on your regular cycle using a good quality detergent.


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