How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (2023)

InPixio Photo Editor 9

  • Rank (4.0/5)
  • Reviews: 270
  • License: Trial version
  • Downloads: 10.7k
  • Version: 9.0.0
  • Compatible: Mac/Win
  • Free InPixio Mobile: iOS

InPixio free is a good image editing program that is user-friendly and you don’t have to spend much time on training. It has some tools typically available in photo restoration software, so you can use it for this purpose as well.

  • Read my InPixio Review to learn more about what it can be used for.

InPixio free photo editor looks like a simple version of Photoshop Express and without limitations in functionality. However, do not hurry and download the free photo editor through various torrent resources. Today, I will tell you about the legal way to get InPixio with no expense, and describe the InPixio vs Photoshop competition more thoroughly.

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FREE InPixio benefits

  • Easy learning curve
  • Suitable for professional color correction
  • A large number of different effects and filters
  • Convenient interface
  • Excellent help section
  • Optimized for weak PCs
  • LUT support


Can I use InPixio free forever?

No. Unfortunately, the free version is limited, and therefore, after the trial period expires, you have to do the same as in the case with Photoshop trial version - purchase the image editor.

Do I have to pay every month?

No. When InPixio free trial expires you will be offered to buy a licensed version of the program for $29.99. Having bought it once, you will receive stable updates.


InPixio free does not start on my PC, what should I do?

If you successfully completed InPixio download but could not start the program, first, check your system specifications for minimum requirements and check your PC for viruses. If this does not help - contact technical support.

  • Check out the best computers for photo editing.

Another Way to Use InPixio Free

InPixio App Photo Editor

  • Rank: (3.0/5)
  • Reviews: 65
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 7.5k
  • Version: 1.2
  • Compatible: iOS

How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (3)

How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (4)

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How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (5)

Free InPixio Mobile Pros

  • Totally free
  • Suitable for stylized color correction
  • Convenient interface

The mobile InPixio app is a great choice for novice users or Instagram fans. The application provides access to basic tools such as correction of skin defects, red eyes, background blur, removing unnecessary elements from the photo.

In addition, I like a rather large list of filters similar to those available on Instagram. After you finish work, you can share the photos on social networks or send them by email.

Insecurities of Using Pirated InPixio Version

When you once again start a photo editing free download from a torrent resource, how correctly do you assess the risks and possible consequences? I have prepared a short list of problems that may warn you.

Are you a beginning criminal?

Surely each of you loves the word “free” and everything related to it. But if it concerns not free but so-called pirated software loaded via torrent you are subject to existing law, and, in fact, a fine of $1,000.

You Can’t Address the Technical Support

How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (6)

Imagine this: the software won’t start or you can’t use the InPixio photo cutter, some tools disappear or don’t respond. You won’t be able to handle such problems. However, with the legal version, you can write to the tech support and get things explained and fixed for you within just several minutes.

Working in a pirated version, you can only rely on yourself to sort that out without any professional advice.


No Updates

You may enjoy using InPixio free pirated version but prepare to give up on any new features, tools, or even just fixed bugs. It will forever remain offline and you won’t get a chance to update it, being an illegal user.

Ads and Constant Computer Freeze

We are all aware of viruses and what harm they are capable of causing, but how do those reach your computer? There is one simple way. If you’re using InPixio free download with crack, it means that some programmer worked on it earlier to hack the source code.

If you’re lucky, that was just some altruistic hacker who did nothing more than making it free for use. However, many hackers distribute viruses integrating them in the program source code. You won’t necessarily be unlucky and get the contaminated software version, but do you really want to risk?

5 Best Free InPixio Alternatives

If for some reason InPixio does not suit you, you can download free photos editor that, in addition to its functionality and similar effectiveness, will be completely free or have a trial version.

1. ACDSee Photo Studio Professional

How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (7) USE ACDSEE FREE


  • Suitable for professional color correction
  • Customizable interface
  • Excellent performance and optimization
  • Face Recognition and Geotagging
  • Lots of tools to improve skin


  • Quite a complex interface
  • No tools to correct chromatic aberration
(Video) InPixio Photo Studio Ultimate v10 installation guide without errors...

Opening the program for the first time, you may consider the interface more complex than InPixio free has, but go ahead and customize it to your personal needs. You can use ACDSee as a Photoshop plug-in, convert Lightroom directories for it and integrate with OneDrive for cloud storage. Many consider it to be the best photo editing software for PC.

Going to the main tools, the offline photo editor offers several separate modules: Design Mode and Edit Mode. Here you will find all sorts of basic and more advanced tools for correcting your photo. Among all others, I recommend testing the Smart Erase tool. It allows you to automatically remove unnecessary objects from a photo, the same tool you can see in Adobe Photoshop.

  • Read more about how to download ACDSee free.


How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (8) USE GIMP FREE

If you want to download free photo editor operating on an open-source, GIMP cross-platform software should be your choice. Few can appreciate it on the deserved level, but you can independently work on altering the program, correct various errors and lags found, even add personal instruments if needed.

To crown all the mentioned above, the program has the advantage of being able to process RAW files, so often omitted by free software.

Among the various basic tools, custom brushes stand out in particular. In addition to a large selection, you can customize literally everything that Photoshop offers: size, saturation, strength, transparency, color, and more.

  • Check out my GIMP review.

3. PhotoScape

How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (9) USE PHOTOSCAPE FREE


  • Conveniently divided interface
  • Optimized for weak PCs
  • Plug-in support
(Video) How to get paid software, books, apps and more for free legally in Nepali | ICT Gyan


  • Converting photos works with a delay
  • Sometimes a photo converter does not work

This free photos editor will let you discover many amazing and unique functions after you devote some time to exploring, even though it’s a fairly simple software. The main menu includes several separate interfaces, which are responsible for different actions such as editing your photo, creating a GIF, converting images, and also dividing and merging images.

Regarding the tools for photo editing, PhotoScape is an automatic photo editor that adheres to the basics. All the most common and needed instruments are there, for example, correction of exposure, contrast, shadows, brightness, curves, a variety of filters and effects.

I want to single out the function of automatically correcting a skin defect because I really like it. Despite the expectations, it does a precise job and leaves nothing to complain about.

  • Read my full PhotoScape review.

4. RawTherappe

How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (10) USE RAWTHERAPEE FREE


  • Open source
  • Supports 16- and 32-bit processing
  • Easy learning curve
  • RAW support
  • Presets and plug-ins


  • Not suitable for professional image editing
  • Some tools require refinement

RawTherapee is another free image processing program that supports all platforms. Its functionality and capabilities in deep photo retouching are significantly inferior to, say, GIMP, apart from its support for 16-bit processing.

RawTherapee provides a basic toolkit and has a simple learning curve, which makes it suitable even for a beginner.

The software supports various plug-ins. Among the tools, the high level of “auto-editing” stands out.

Developers extend this feature with each update by adding various tools it to, including red-eye correction, auto-brightness, auto contrast, and auto enhancement.

  • Read this RawTherapee review for more information.

5. Polarr

How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (11) USE POLARR FREE


  • Cross-platform
  • Convenient interface
  • Suitable for professional color correction
  • Many drawing instruments


  • The free mode gives no access to RAW processing
  • Masks and layers are absent
(Video) Inpixio Photo Studio 10 Limitations The Graphics Creator Saves The Day

It is very similar to Lightroom, and that would be a true observation. Firstly, let us take a closer look at the program’s functionality. The toolkit is filled with instruments that work well and are enough to fully edit the image and perform some basic color correction. Secondly, the performance is great.

I processed a photo on my old laptop, and it was performing well during the entire process. Each image editing step was carried out instantly until I saved changes and exported the image. Thirdly, if you don’t want to get the Pro version, you will find the free one barely different from it, offering almost every tool and functioning on the same high level.

  • Read my Polarr review before downloading.

Download InPixio Free

How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (12)

Download free InPixio photo editor to test it out for 5 days. You will appreciate the interface, the easy photo editing and color correction features and basic portrait enhancement instruments.

How to Get InPixio Free Legally? (13)

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Is there a free version of inPixio? ›

InPixio Free Editor

This free photo editor is derived from inPixio's flagship Photo Studio software. The free app doesn't contain all the advanced features available in the paid program. However, it offers some easy-to-use tools that can help you get started with image editing.

Is inPixio worth the money? ›

InPixio Photo Studio 12 Pro offers plenty of powerful – and improved – tools. It allows users to edit photos quickly and effectively. The interface looks great, the program is affordable, and it's easy to learn even if you have minimal editing experience.

Which is the No 1 photo editing app for free? ›

There are several free apps to edit photos available for both iOS and Android, including YouCam Perfect, PhotoDirector, VSCO, Picsart, Snapseed, AirBrush, and others. The YouCam Perfect app is by far the best option among all.

How much does Pixio cost? ›

Starts at $24.99 / Month.... No commissions on bookings, no consumer fees. Fixed plans from $39.95/month.


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