Filmora (2023)

Filmora9 is the program most amateur creators use. FilmoraPro targets video professionals and FilmoraScrn focuses on screen recording. You can add video clips and images with drag-and-drop. It comes with more than 130 types of preset titles and text. You can also easily add your logo to your videos.

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Filmora9 is an easy-to-use video editing platform powered by Wondershare. This intuitive and easy-to-follow interface makes it simple to create and share videos. It's designed for YouTubers, content creators, and social media teams.

Pros and Cons

Expansive video editing features

Professional appearance for affordable price

User-friendly interface

Video saving process may lag

Bug fixes may take time to resolve

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Watermarks on the free version

Premade templates lack professional feel

Best for: Professional video editing




Ease of Use




Overall Score


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Wondershare Filmora makes three video-related software products:

  • Filmora9 – a video editor for all creators
  • FilmoraPro – professional video editing made easy
  • FilmoraScrn – screen recording made simple

Also, you will find a series of smaller Wondershare programs for specific purposes, e.g., Wondershare Uni Converter, which is a one-stop video converter.

The average person or business will be most interested in Filmora9. Wondershare offers that at a range of prices, for individuals, businesses, and educational institutions. You will find a mix of rates, depending on whether you are prepared to commit yourself to an annual plan, or even a lifetime plan.

Individual plans start at $39.99 per year, but there are other options, including an annual bundle plan.

Filmora9 allows you to do virtually anything you would imagine from a standard video editor. You can

  • import video, audio, and images in various formats
  • edit and arrange these elements in a magnetic timeline
  • add effects, filters, titles, music, etc.
  • export your edited video in common video formats or share it to social media
  • remove video watermark.

Wondershare recognizes the potential of video marketing and has made Filmore9 easy to use to create a branded look for your business. You can add video clips and images with drag-and-drop. It makes adding text exceptionally easy, with more than 130 types of preset titles and text. With Filmora9, you can easily add your logo to your videos and adjust the size with just a few clicks.

The individual plans offer all Filmora9’s editing features, watermark-free, and include free upgrades and tech support. The business plans add the right to use Filmora9 for commercial use without attribution, along with multi-user control.

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Pricing / month

$44.99 - Annual Plan
$69.99 - Lifetime Plan
$104.87 - Annual Bundle Plan

Filmora Pro
$149.99 - LIFETIME
$89.99 - 1 YEAR

$19.99 - 1 Year License
$29.99 - Lifetime License

Date founded



In Shenzhen


Video Editing

3D Video Editing

Audio Tools

Brand Overlay


Media Library

Social Sharing

Speed Adjustment

Split / Merge

Supports HD Resolution

Text Overlay

Video Capture

Video Stabilization

Collaborative editing

Unlimited video exports

Royalty-free music

1 million images

Custom uploads

Custom watermarks

Video resizer

Convert image to video

Automated Voice Overs

Content Library

Customizable Branding

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Customizable Templates

Intelligent Frames

Meme Creator

Multiple Layers

Power Transitions

Preview Functionality

Crop & Trim


Video Editing

Video Library


3000+ Licensed Music Tracks

40+ Professional Fonts

1 million+ Images

Desktop and iOS app

Animated GIFs

Font Imports

2D Character Creators

Team Account Management Console

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  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Support


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