Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (2023)

Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (1)

The best car seat is the one that fits your child, vehicle, budget, and lifestyle and has the features important to you. The safest car seat is the one you can install correctly and use properly on every ride! Let us know in the comment section what questions you have about this Chicco MyFit car seat review.

Chicco MyFit Car Seat Review (USA/Canada)

If you are looking for a forward-facing-only seat, this will likely be a good contender for you! With a 54″ standing height limit for the harness mode, this seat has higher limits than almost every harnessed seat on the market! It’s a great option for tall kids, and it’s fairly narrow as well, so it will work in some 3 across situations as well.


A 2-in-1 car seat that can be used forward-facing, and in high-back booster mode


Preferably after your child has outgrown their rear-facing convertible car seat, but can be used from 2+ years

(Video) Chicco KidFit Booster Car Seat - Installation


Our recommendation: 2 years+ until the seat is outgrown (average 9/10 years old)

What you need to know before you go.

Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (2)

Forward-Facing Seat Stats

  • height limit: 54″
  • weight limit: 25-65 pounds
  • head height rules: ears must be below the top of the headrest
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High Back Booster Seat Stats

  • height limit: 38-57″
  • weight limit: 40-100 pounds
  • head height rules: ears must be below the top of the headrest

Other Seat Stats

  • width of seat: 17.5”
  • weight of seat: 26 pounds
  • crash replacement policy: Replace after any crash
  • expiration limits: 8 years
  • harness: no-rethread
  • lock-off: yes

✅ Seat is good for you if:

✅ You have a tall child.
Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (3)

The Chicco MyFit has a standing height limit of 54″ for the harness mode, which is much taller than the typical 49″ limit that most harnessed seats have. In addition to the tall standing height limit, this seat also has a tall harness height of 19.5″. This means that it’s a great option for kids with tall torsos.

✅ You need to fit 3 people in one row of the vehicle.
Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (4)

Since the Chicco MyFit is only 17.5″ wide when the cupholders are folded in, it may work well in some 3 across configurations. We have some other more narrow options here. But we did fit 3 across in a 2012 Toyota Camry with a Safety 1st Comfort Ride, Evenflo LiteMax, and a Chicco MyFit, as you can see in this picture.

✅ Your child has outgrown their rear-facing seat but needs some recline due to low tone or some physical disability.

This seat offers more of a recline than other forward-facing seats, so it may be a good option for some children. If your child needs more support than a conventional seat can offer, we talk about all of our favorite adaptive options here.

🚩 Use Caution If:

🚩 Your vehicle has non-removable headrests

Thanks to multiple recline options, you can typically use this seat in harness mode with non-removable vehicle headrests. But it’s often incompatible in high back booster mode as it has to be flush with the vehicle seat in that mode. If you have a vehicle with non-removable headrests, you may wish to choose a different seat.

🚩You want to use a vehicle seat protector.

Chicco does not allow the use of mats, towels, or anything else under their seats. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, you’ll need to check out other car seat options.

(Video) Britax crash test shows dangers of booster seats

Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (5)️ Stand Out Features:

Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (6) Tall Harness Height

With a harness height of 19.5″ at the tallest setting, this is one of the highest harness heights available today. This makes it a great option for tall kids. But it’s also great if you need to harness kids as long as possible due to ADHD, Autism, or other conditions that affect their ability to sit properly in a booster. If your child is outgrowing their harnessed seat and you think they need an adaptive car seat, you can find more information about those here.

Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (7)️ Recline Options
Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (8)

This seat has four recline options that can be used as long as the recline bubble is in the allowed space for the mode you are using the seat. This slight recline may be helpful for children with hypotonia.

Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (9) Seat Belt Lock-off
Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada) (10)

This seat has a seat belt lock-off. So it can be a good option in vehicles older than 1996 that don’t have locking seat belts or need to be installed in international vehicles. Moreover, this lock-off does not help get a tight installation like some other manufacturers’ lock-off designs do. But this is a true lock-off, so there is no need to lock the seat belt.

▶️ YouTube Videos

▶️ 3 Across Car Seats

▶️ Your kid will be in a car seat for 10+ years

⚠️ Quirks to be Aware Of:

⚠️ Can be difficult to get a tight seat belt installation

Since the lower anchors for the Chicco MyFit have a maximum weight limit of 40 pounds, you will eventually have to do a seat belt installation. In some vehicles, this method of installation can be challenging. Make sure you utilize the Inside Out Trick to help you get a tight installation. We have found that sometimes this seat works better on outboard seats instead of in the center seating position.

⚠️ Has recline bubble for harness and booster modes

Recline bubbles are very uncommon on forward-facing harnessed seats and even rarer with boosters. But this seat has a recline bubble for each of those. The Chicco MyFit has 4 recline options to help you get the bubble in the right area.

(Video) Chicco GoFit Booster Car Seat Demo: 40lbs - 110lbs Recommended

✈️ Airplane Use

The Chicco MyFit is an FAA-approved car seat. At 26 pounds, it is one of the heaviest options available. If traveling internationally, this seat has a belt lock-off, so it will work well. For help with all things airplane travel and car seats, check out our Wheels Up Course and private Facebook group.

SITS Bottom Line

The Chicco MyFit is a great option for tall kids, as it has a high standing height limit and a tall harness height. It can also be a good choice for some 3 across situations as well since it is only 17.5″ when the cup holders are folded in. However, caution should be exercised if your vehicle has non-removable headrests, as the seat may not be compatible in high-back booster mode.

Other Versions of this seat:

*A SITS recommended seat. Recommended seats are in our Buying Kits because they have ranked high on our vehicle, child, ease of use, and features scale.

Compare Car Seats

Looking to compare car seats and narrow down the best car seat for your family? The Forward-Facing and Booster Buying Kit walks you through our 7Cs of selection, then on to an interactive quiz. And finally, a recommended car seat list is generated just for you! If it’s overwhelming and if you are sick of spending hours researching and reading car seat reviews like this one, the Buying Kit will guide you to Safe in the Seat’s recommended car seats for you in under 30 minutes!

A note about crash-tests

How does the Chicco MyFit perform in crash tests?

Well, that’s a great question. We know it passes the strict federally required testing for all car seats sold in the United States. But we don’t know exactly how it performs. That data isn’t released by any official sources in the US — not by car seat manufacturers, not by government agencies like NHTSA, not anywhere!

There are a few third-party websites that claim to offer objective crash test data that compares car seats. But we at Safe in the Seat ignore that data for a few big reasons. First of all, third-party car seat crash tests don’t actually give us meaningful data! Car seat manufacturers crash-test their products hundreds, even upwards of a thousand times. They crash test the finished product in every single installation configuration using every applicable-sized crash test dummy, not to mention a whole lot of testing at each stage of the development process too. So one or two crash tests completed by another organization just can’t give the same level of information! One or two crash tests aren’t going to represent the overall average performance of any car seat across its lifespan.

(Video) House investigation raises safety concerns over popular booster seats

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Chicco MyFit (USA/Canada)? ›

Check the manufacturers' labels to find the child car seats made for your child's height and weight. Always look for the National Safety Mark. It is proof the child car seat meets Canadian safety standards. Parents are strongly advised to buy a child car seat only from a Canadian retailer in their area.

How to buy a car seat in Canada? ›

Check the manufacturers' labels to find the child car seats made for your child's height and weight. Always look for the National Safety Mark. It is proof the child car seat meets Canadian safety standards. Parents are strongly advised to buy a child car seat only from a Canadian retailer in their area.

What are the requirements for the Chicco MyFit? ›

In harness mode, the MyFit® is designed for children who are at least 2 years old, between 25-65 pounds, and up to 54 inches tall. In booster mode, the MyFit® is designed for children who are at least 4 years old, between 40-100 pounds, and between 38-57 inches tall.

What are the requirements for a booster seat in Canada? ›

Children must ride in a booster seat when they are 40 pounds (18 kg) or more until they are a minimum of 4 feet, 9 inches (145 cm) tall, , or a minimum of 10 years old or exceeding the manufacturer's weight limit. Children must ride in a rear-facing car seat until they are a minimum of 20 pounds (9 kg).

What is the difference between Chicco MyFit and Le? ›

It's sister seat, the MyFit, is a slightly less expensive version. Both are very similar in size and functionality. The LE adds a few nice features including SuperCinch LATCH, comfort waist belt pads, a kid console, and air mesh panels in the fabric.

Can I use car seat from USA to Canada? ›

It is illegal to use a car seat purchased in the United States. Child car seats can run to a few hundred dollars, so it can be tempting to look for a good deal south of the border. However, safety rules are not the same in Canada and the United States, so a car seat bought in the US may not meet Canadian standards.

Can you buy a car seat in the USA and use it in Canada? ›

Potential cost savings in the US draws a large number of Canadians to their stores. But according to Transport Canada, it's illegal to import and use child seats that do not comply with Canadian standards.

What is the lifespan of the Chicco MyFit? ›

No belt-positioning booster seats can be used on airplanes, and the MyFit is no different. MyFit has an 8-year lifespan. The sticker with the model, manufacture date, and the “do not use after” date can be found in the tether storage compartment. MyFit must be replaced after any crash.

Is Chicco FAA approved? ›

Can I take my car seat on an aircraft? All Chicco infant and convertible car seats are certified for usage on aircraft (FAA approved). Typically, you can also check car seats as baggage and most airlines will allow you to check in a car seat free-standing.

Are Chicco and Graco compatible? ›

The optional Graco/ Chicco car seat adapter makes it easy to latch in a: Chicco Fit2, Chicco Keyfit 35, Chicco Keyfit 30, Graco SnugRide 35 Lite, SnugRide 35 Lite LX, Graco SnugRide SnugLock Extend2Fit 35, and Graco Click Connect Snugride 30 or 35 infant car seat to your 2016-2022 Bumbleride Era, Indie or Speed ...

Are car seats free to check Canada? ›

Checked baggage rules

To/from all destinations, infants and children age 0 to 11 years may check a car seat or booster seat free of charge in addition to their regular baggage allowance.

Can you Uber without a car seat Canada? ›

When riding with small children, and where required by law, it's your responsibility to provide and fit a suitable car seat, unless our local guidelines, terms, or other policies say otherwise. Children requiring car seats must be strapped in them during the entire ride and not held on laps.

Who approves car seats in Canada? ›

From: Transport Canada

Under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Transport Canada enforces regulations on the safety performance of child car seats. Manufacturers of new child car seats must submit product samples, all required labelling, installation instructions, and test documentation for review.

Do you need a carseat in a taxi in Canada? ›

Generally speaking, whilst the driver is responsible for all passengers under the age of 16 and must ensure they are using a suitable car seat / restraint system, taxi drivers are exempt meaning you can travel in a taxi with children, without a child car seat in Canada.


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