Chicco Cortina CX Review | Budget Friendly Travel System (2023)

I’m a very budget-loving person. When I see a product that’s affordable, I’m always willing to give it a try, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to test the Chicco Cortina CX.

I was a huge fan of this travel system. It came with a KeyFit infant car seat, base, and folding stroller. The infant seat was super easy to attach to the stroller and take off of the stroller.

I could hear a click each time I put it in place, which was very reassuring. The large basket on the bottom of the stroller was roomy enough to store a large diaper bag. The only problem I saw was that the storage compartment is open in the front, so if I went down a steep hill, the stuff would want to fall out.

I have to say that even though the stroller is equipped with awesome features such as the 8-position recline and one-hand fold, I was disappointed with the fact that it was so bulky and difficult to put in my vehicle. It seemed to take more effort than I had hoped.

Even though the stroller is a little difficult to put in the trunk, I would still recommend it. It’s budget-friendly, safe, and easy to use.

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Unique Features

The KeyFit car seat is a big hit with parents. This patented system is so easy to click together. It’s easy to transfer the car seat from the car base to the stroller and back again. The audible “click” is an assurance that it’s secure.

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Large Storage Basket

Reviews often mention the large storage basket. At the bottom of the stroller, there is a sizeable basket with access in the back. It’s large enough for most diaper bags. Parents also love the attached parent tray. So many strollers on the market today don’t actually include this feature!

Advantages & Disadvantages

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Chicco Cortina CX travel system. It has plenty of advantages that make it a great purchase. The stroller can be folded using one hand, which is a lifesaver when the other hand is holding an infant.

Short or tall, this stroller can work for you, thanks to the 3 heights of the adjustable handlebar.As mentioned before, the 8 reclining positions and memory recline feature means your little one will always be comfy.

Very Well Padded

It’s downright cushy! Your baby will be living the good life as you stroll. The cons are minimal. This is more of a city stroller than an all-terrain one. With the stroller’s plastic wheels, sidewalks, and smooth surfaces are your friends.

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Great Stroller For Babies Who like To Nap

The Cortina CX system features eight reclining positions so your little one is guaranteed a comfy place to doze. The Cortina CX boasts a special little feature.

The memory recline function “remembers” which of the 8 recline positions you used last. This can come in handy when you open your stroller and need it on a frequently used incline!

Not Ideal For Jogging

This stroller is not a jogging stroller. Furthermore, the bottom basket is open on the front under the child’s feet, meaning a fast trip down a hill could leave everything spilling out. On the cosmetic side, the seat is not reversible. This means the car seat will be parent facing, while the toddler seat will be front-facing.

Some travel systems do offer a reversible seat, but it isn’t a necessity. Your personal needs dictate how vital that is. Most parents find the traditional stroller setup works just fine.

Long Walks Might Be An Issue

It’s not a stroller you’ll be toting around long distances. This stroller also isn’t meant for all terrains. You can expect a smooth ride on sidewalks and asphalt, but it’s rough sailing on gravel or dirt.

Bulky Stroller

For starters, it’s a bulky stroller. The stroller alone is 23 pounds, so its not ideal for parents that take the stroller in and out of the car.

What We Like

  • Easy one-hand fold
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Memory recline feature
  • 8 reclining positions

What We Don’t Like

  • No reversible seat
  • Basket open in front
  • Not suitable for all terrains

Customer Reviews

The Chicco Cortina CX travel system is a parent favorite. It’s easily hundreds of dollars cheaper than the “high-end” travel systems. Even so, it doesn’t sacrifice quality. Many customers rave about the longevity of this product. Parents have used this system for years, through multiple kids.

What Customers Like

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Car seat clicks in securely
  • Large storage
  • Included parent tray

What Customers Don’t Like

  • Heavy
  • Plastic wheels unsuitable for rougher terrain
  • Takes a long time to assemble
  • Car seat cover difficult to remove and clean

Safety Ratings

How safe is this travel system?

One customer credits the Cortina car seat with saving her child’s life from a terrible car accident.Anecdotes aside, if you are shopping and purchasing your travel system in the United States, rest assured.

Every single car seat on the U.S. market “meet[s] Federal Safety Standards and strict crash performance standards,” according to the NHTSA’s website.

Exceeds Safety Standards

The Chicco Cortina CX KeyFit car seat exceeds these standards.In crash tests, Chicco KeyFit car seats rated in the top 5 against all major brands.In tests for head injuries, the KeyFit car seat exceeds federal standards as well.

Chicco also performs voluntary side-impact tests on their all car seats. You can trust a Chicco car seat. The brand puts its steel-reinforced frame and interior padding through intensive testing. In fact, thanks to the Chicco newborn insert, NICU nurses and car seat technicians often recommend Chicco car seats. All Chicco car seats are certified for use on airplanes, according to FAA guidelines!

The soft cushioning keeps even the smallest of babies safe and secure.


The Chicco KeyFit infant car seat is included in this travel system. They KeyFit car seats have a lifespan of 6 years. For more information, consult the labels found on your car seat and the base for a specific expiration date.


No parents want to fool around with safety when it comes to their infant’s car seat. Recall information is important to know because it can solidify a customer’s trust in a seat. So has the Chicco Cortina travel system been recalled in the past?

In 2008, Chicco KeyFit car seat bases faced a recall. The bases were found to have a defect that prevented the base from securing. In the event of a car accident, this defect could increase the risk of injury. All customers who responded to the recall received a free replacement base.


Most Chicco products, including car seats, have a limited one-year warranty. Customers do compliment Chicco’s customer service in terms of returns and replacements.


When assembled and unfolded, the Cortina stroller measures 34.25″ x 20.75″ x 44″. While folded, it measures 42″ x 21″ x 20″. It weighs 23 pounds.The Chicco KeyFit car seat’s dimensions are 22″ x 17″ x 24″ without the base. It weighs 9.6 pounds.The base by itself measures 20″ x 15″ x 8″. It weighs 7 pounds.

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Models and Colors

Currently, the Cortina CX system comes in one color. Officially, it is named Iron. The stroller and car seat are a striking combination of jet black and charcoal gray.It’s a great gender-neutral option.If you like the look and feel of the Cortina system but it doesn’t fit your needs, you can check out another model.

The Cortina model also comes in a double stroller. The double stroller comes in two colors: Minerale and Meridian.

Comparing It To Other Travel Systems

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

Chicco Cortina CX Review | Budget Friendly Travel System (8)The Chicco Bravo line of travel systems is similar to the Cortina CX. Both systems feature the important basics: the KeyFit car seat, the KeyFit base, and a stroller. Both can be used all through toddlerhood. Chicco’s innovative one-hand folding system is standard on both systems.

For discerning modern parents, neither system will be found in bright pinks or blues. Both Chicco systems come in handsome neutrals. Parents, rejoice – the parent and children trays are featured in both travel systems!

Everyone gets his or her own cup holder!

The similarities do end there, though. There are some major differences between these two systems. The best choice comes down to your own unique needs. For example, if you are pregnant and want a system you can use right away, you need the Cortina system. The Bravo trio is actually not intended for use until the baby is 6 months old.

If portability is important to you, the Bravo stroller is for you. It weighs less than the Cortina. The Bravo stroller also converts to an even lighter frame stroller. In the end, the price may be your determining factor. The Cortina CX system is nearly $100 less than the Bravo system.


  • Both include the Chicco KeyFit car seat
  • Both can be used through toddlerhood
  • Both easy one-hand folding
  • Both come in gender-neutral colors


  • Bravo is not suitable for newborns
  • Bravo weighs less
  • Bravo converts to a frame stroller
  • Bravo models are more expensive
  • Bravo has more choices in terms of colors and design

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

To step away from the Chicco name, we can look at an EvenFlo offering.Both travel systems offer the basics: the car seat, the base, and the stroller. They can both be purchased for a similar price, making them both affordable options.

The Evenflo, being a modular system, does offer a wider range of seating options though. The Evenflo system can be used as a carriage, a frame stroller, or a toddler stroller. All three of these modes are reversible to either direction as well.

With that in mind, the Evenflo seems like a better option.

However, don’t add it to your Amazon cart just yet. Customers love the three different modes, but that love didn’t cover up how hard it is to actually use this system. So many customer reviews complain of how difficult it is to attach the car seat to the stroller.

Even more, reviews express how hard the stroller is to push and maneuver. Customers have found they have to grease up the stroller wheels just to use the product.


  • Same price range
  • Neutral color offerings
  • Same weight


  • The Evenflo system has three reversible modes
  • Evenflo system is difficult to maneuver
  • Evenflo car seat is hard to connect
  • Evenflo system does not include a parent tray

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you assemble a Chicco Cortina CX stroller?

The Chicco Cortina CX stroller will come folded and in pieces in a box. After opening the box, remove the large folded component of the stroller.

  • Straighten out the handlebar and pull out the basket frame.
  • Now, set the stroller upright so you can work with it that way.
  • Unhook the parent’s tray and push it into place.
  • Once that is completed, unfold the stroller. You will now install the canopy.
  • After that, set up the bottom basket.
  • With everything else completed, it’s time to attach the wheels. The front wheels will click into place. The rear wheels will require washers and locking pins (found in the box).

For any further questions, please consult the owner’s manual.

Which Chicco stroller is the best?

This is, of course, a matter of need. If you need an easy-to-use system, the Cortina CX is the best option. If you prefer extended seating options, the Chicco Bravo is for you. Are you active and plan on jogging with your baby? You need the Activ3 Air jogging stroller. For those who want something simple and lightweight, check out the Liteway stroller from Chicco.

How much does the Chicco Cortina stroller weight?

The Cortina CX stroller alone weighs 23 pounds.

Video Review

Budget-Friendly Option

While shopping for a travel system, you may be overwhelmed. Narrow down your needs and wants to make the decision easier. Specifically, what’s your budget?

The Chicco Cortina CX tends to be a budget-friendly option. What about a car seat? Do you need one? You can’t go wrong with a Chicco KeyFit infant car seat. Are you tall and need an adjustable handlebar? Do you want a parent tray?

How big of a storage basket do you need? These are all questions that will help you decide on whether the Chicco Cortina CX is for you.


Are Chicco car seats safe? ›

In terms of crash test results, Chicco KeyFit 30 performed very well. It provides protection than most of the other seats with lower G-force levels in case of an accident. The seat provides significantly better protection than what is required by the Federal safety standards.

How long can you use Chicco infant car seat? ›

The rear-facing KeyFit® 30 clicks in and out of a stay-in-car base and compatible strollers to carry infants from 4 to 30 lbs and up to 30".

Does Chicco replace car seats after accident? ›

Does my car seat need to be replaced if it's been involved in a car accident? Yes, you must replace your car seat and base if it has been involved in a vehicle crash, even if you can't see visible damage.


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