9 Ways to Share Your Wedding Photos Without Going Overboard (2023)

Look back on your big day by finding the best ways to share your wedding photos without driving your loved ones crazy.

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9 Ways to Share Your Wedding Photos Without Going Overboard (1)

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9 Ways to Share Your Wedding Photos Without Going Overboard (3)

After your big day has come to an end, it may feel like it went by fast—way too fast. Ifwedding withdrawalsinks in, don’t fret. You will soon find comfort again when you get your wedding photos back from your photographer! Finding the best ways to share your wedding photos is a great way to relive all of your special moments from your day, but you don’t want to bombard your friends, family and Instagram followers.

To look back on your big day over and over again, here are the best ways to share your wedding photos without annoying all of your loved ones.

Share a sneak pic.

One of the best parts of post-wedding life is receiving a sneak peek of your wedding photos from your photographer. This might include detail shots or portraits that your photographer sends along as a teaser of what’s to come. Sharing your sneak peek photos will get your social media followers excited to see the full album—it’s one of the best ways to start sharing those wedding photos.

Post those #TBTs.

We love a good #TBT as much as the next person, but try not to overdo it. Not every Thursday requires you to post a photo from your wedding. Limiting your wedding-related throwback posts to once every few weeks ensures that each one feels special, not overdone.

Celebrate anniversaries with social media posts.

When your anniversary rolls around, share a never-before-seen wedding photo—and when we say anniversary, we don't just mean the date when you got married. Anniversaries can include many things, such as the first time you two met or the first time you said “I love you.” Think out-of-the box and you will be sure to surprise your followers.

Make loved ones' birthdays extra-special.

Share a photo of a loved one from your wedding on his or her birthday. That sweet photo of you and your MOH or best man is one of the best ways to share your wedding photos without actually posting a romantic photo of you and your new spouse.

9 Ways to Share Your Wedding Photos Without Going Overboard (4)

Break news with some wedding pics.

Was your S.O. awarded a major promotion at work? Or did you two finally make the big move into a house and out of your old apartment? A special way to break the news would be to feature one of your wedding photos on social media.

Show how you reused your wedding decor.

Perhaps you had a lounge area at your reception and decided to use the same vintage coffee table in your living room at home. Snap a photo to show everyone how you repurposed the furniture. If your guest book now has a prominent place in your home share a before-and-after photo of how you displayed it at your wedding versus how it is looks in your home now.

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Don't skip the wedding album.

Creating an album is certainly one of the best ways to share your wedding photos in your home. While designing an album can be time-consuming (sites like Artifact Uprising, Mixbook, and Shutterflymake the process really simple), you won’t regret having a well-made photo book to display on your coffee table or other location where guests can easily view it—and ooh and ahh over those gorgeous images.

Create a photo display.

While having digital photos can be super-convenient and allow you to view and share your images on all of your devices, don’t forget to create some prints of your favorite wedding snapshots. Use those picture frames you got from your wedding registry or a site like Framebridge to created framed images to display those photos in prominent places throughout your home—from your entryway to your bedroom, living room, and beyond.

Get published!

Submitting your photos for potential publication on a site likeWeddingWireis one of the best ways to share wedding photos. It also lets others become inspired by your story and give a shout-out to all the vendors who were involved. Want your wedding to be considered for a feature on our site? VisitRealWeds.comfor more information.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, some of which may be sponsored by paying vendors.

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How do I share my wedding photos with everyone? ›

Share a Google Photos or DropBox link to your guests

The most common method of collecting and sharing photos that everybody knows: using Google Photos or DropBox. They come free (unless you exceed the limited free storage space). Share a link during your wedding and let everybody pile on their photos.

How do wedding photographers share their photos? ›

We all know the moment – you've spent hours editing and culling the thousands of photos from their special day. And now you've shared them.
Here's 5 top ways to deliver wedding photos to the happy couple.
  1. The old-school photo album and print packages. ...
  2. Custom flash drives. ...
  3. Cloud services. ...
  4. Photo hosting sites.
Jul 18, 2018

What is the best way to share wedding photos with family and friends? ›

Here are five simple, but effective, places to publish your wedding snaps on the Internet:
  1. Facebook. Facebook is used by millions of people every day , and is a great way to stay in touch with relatives far away. ...
  2. Flickr. ...
  3. Pinterest. ...
  4. Capsule. ...
  5. Wedding Photo Swap.

What to do with all your wedding photos? ›

What You Can Do with Your Wedding Photos after the wedding is...
  1. Put Them in Frames. ...
  2. Photo Albums. ...
  3. Send Them in Your Thank You Cards. ...
  4. Send Them as Your Holiday Cards. ...
  5. Use Them as Gifts. ...
  6. You Could Create Art with Them. ...
  7. Share Them. ...
  8. How About Using Them to Make A Cool Video Montage?
Jul 17, 2020

Do you share all wedding photos with guests? ›

Whether you post your wedding photos on social media is entirely up to your personal preference. Some couples prefer not to go this route because they feel uncomfortable about the people they didn't invite seeing them, while others are happy to share the photos with everyone they know.

How do I share a lot of photos with many people? ›

Best Way to Share Photos Online Privately
  1. Social Media. The first thing that comes to mind is simply sharing photos online using popular Meta platforms like Facebook and Instagram. ...
  2. Google Photos. Google Photos is found under Google Drive. ...
  3. Dropbox. ...
  4. AirDrop. ...
  5. FileWhopper.
Mar 30, 2022

How do I share all my photos at once? ›

Create a shared album
  1. On your mobile device, open the Google Photos app .
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. At the bottom, tap Photos.
  4. Select photos or videos for the album.
  5. At the top, tap Add .
  6. Tap Shared album.
  7. Enter an album title.
  8. When the album is complete, tap Share.

How do I use Dropbox for wedding photos? ›

So when it comes time to share the day's photos and videos, make it easy on yourself: just create a Dropbox folder, add the photos, and generate a shared link. Anyone you share the link with can see — but not edit or delete — all the photos instantly, even if they don't have a Dropbox account.

What is the best way for photographers to share photos? ›

Top photo-sharing platforms for photographers for this year
  1. Flickr.
  2. Behance.
  3. Smugmug.
  4. Zenfolio.
  5. Pixpa.
  6. Fhotomerchant.

How do you ask guests to share photos? ›

Getting Your Wedding Guests To Post Pictures On Social Media
  1. Why Incorporate Social Media. ...
  2. Choose A Memorable Hashtag. ...
  3. Design Hashtag Invitations. ...
  4. Use Your Hashtag At All Wedding-Related Events. ...
  5. Use Hashtag Reminder Cards. ...
  6. Utilize Your Hashtag In Decorations. ...
  7. Make An Announcement. ...
  8. Ask For At Least One Picture From Everyone.

Is there an app for wedding guests to upload pictures? ›

Use The Guest To: + GET EVERYONE'S PHOTOS & VIDEOS - Wedding guests take 2000 pics on average— which the newlyweds will never see. Since The Guest automatically shares wedding pics and videos as guests take them, you'll never have this issue!

Should you post wedding photos on Facebook? ›

Sharing your wedding photos

Just make sure putting them on Facebook is okay. It's nice to be able to share your wedding photos online. Some couples don't want to put their professional photos online, because they want to keep their wedding album quite personal.


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