2022 IceBear Champion Monkey Bike 125cc - PBZ125-2 (2023)




2022 IceBear Champion Monkey Bike 125cc - PBZ125-2 (1)

2022 IceBear Champion Monkey Bike 125cc - PBZ125-2 (2)


  • FREEResidentialHomeDeliveryW/ Liftgate
  • FREE 1-YearParts Replacements Warranty
  • FREE 1-Year Engine/Tranmission Warranty
  • FREE Registration Paperwork (Title MCO + Bill of Sale)
  • Upgraded4-Speed Semi-Automatic Transmission
  • UpgradedDouble Padded Leather Seats
  • Upgraded Dual Shocks + Dual Forks Suspension
  • Upgraded Chrome Sideview Mirrors + Handlebars
  • Upgraded LED Turn Signals + Brake Lights
  • Upgraded 10" Aluminum Plated Steel Rims
  • Upgraded Chrome Plated RearShocks
  • CT70 Trail 70 Clone
  • Electric Push Button Start
  • Backup Kick Start
  • 125cc Single-Cylinder 4-Stroke Air Cooled Engine
  • 4 Speed Semi Automatic Transmission
  • Chrome Plated Exhaust
  • Upgraded High Performance Chain
  • Chain Drive
  • Seat Height 29 inches
  • 10" Rims
  • TwoSeater
  • Front Disc Brakes & Rear DrumBrakes
  • Top Speed 50MPH
  • PBZ125-2

2022 IceBear Champion Monkey Bike 125cc - PBZ125-2 (3)

Introducing the ALL NEW Icebear Champion PBZ125-2 Motorcycle. This is a nice combination of a Motorcycle and a Moped scooter. This is the replica clone of the CT70 mastered to look exactly like it!

(Video) Ice Bear Champion First Start



The 125ccMonkeyis fitted with a performance chain drive 4 Speed SEMI-AUTOMATICtransmission that makes it easier to practice learning the real manual. Less experienced riders just need to hop on, twist the throttle and go. This model is perfect for any traffic condition, as the SemiAutomatic transmission does not only make acceleration and deceleration easier, but also faster and more fun to ride!



One of the many safety features of the PBZ125-2 Icebear Champion Scooteris - it is fitted with front disc andrear drumbrakes, which makes deceleration more efficient. A quick, fast and better stopping performance is guaranteed whenever the brake is applied. Due to the use of disc brakes, there is no/little risk of wheel overheating whenever the brake is applied. Easy replacement of the brake was also considered in the design and manufacturing of the moped scooter.



(Video) Icebear Champion 125 (Ct70 Clone) Vlog 16 125cc Stock Carb Speed Test

The ChampionMoped style Motorcycleis also fitted with strong, durable and reliable tires, which offers great traction. Hereby, aiding the brake, which makes riding safer. These tires were designed to conveniently ride on at the highest comfort level.



Enjoy a relaxing ride as the heavily padded, beautiful leather seat of the mopedgives you maximal comfort for both you and the passenger.



Bright, long lasting head and taillights were fitted to lighten up and provide visibility all around the bike while riding on dark roads. The chrome platedexhaust wasput in place to give nice acceleration sounds and high performance riding.


(Video) Ice Bear Champion125cc!! CT70 Clone


It is always important to always wear DOT approved helmets and gears when riding. EPA and DOT approved and can be registered in pretty much all states excluding California.

!! Riding Video !!


Engine125cc, LC152FMI, Loncin
TransmissionInternational 4 Gears
Drive TypeChain
Belt and/or Chain Size
Starter SystemElectric / Kick Start
Fuel System

Gasoline - 1.7gal


Brakes (Front/Rear)Disc / Drum
Tire Size (Front/Rear)

3.50-10 Front

2.75-10 Rear

Wheel Size (Front/Rear)10, Steel
Oil Capacity and Type (L)0.8L, Air Cooled Motorcycle Oil with Clutch Additive
Gear oil type and capacity( in liters)N/A
LightsStandard Lights
Suspension (Front/Rear)Dual Forks / Dual Shock
Dimensions (inches)

Assembled (LxWxH): 65 x 23 x 39

(Video) 2020 Icebear Champion 125cc (CT70 Clone)

Crated (LxWxH): 53 x 18 x 33

Seat Height: 29

Wheel Base:41.8

Weight265 lbs
Weight Capacity312 lbs
Ground clearance (inches)4.9
Assembly RequiredHandlebars, Mirrors, Headlight, Front Wheel, Front Fender, Shift Lever, Battery
Special Features
EPA ApprovedEPA Approved



    Colors available: Red,Black,Blue,Green


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    How fast does the 2022 Honda monkey go? ›

    Honda's classic Monkey returns for 2022 with new upgrades and even more retro vibes while losing none of the fun. The Monkey now has a Euro5-compliant 124cc single-lunger shared with the Grom, making 9 horsepower and 8 lb-ft of torque, good for a 56 MPH top speed and an astounding 188 MPG.

    How fast does an icebear champion go? ›

    With its' 4 speed semi automatic transmission it has good acceleration and a top speed of around 50 mph.

    How fast is the Honda Monkey 125? ›

    The official stats are 9 horsepower and 11Nm of torque, with an overall estimated top speed of 65mph.

    Are Monkey bikes good? ›

    The Honda 125 Monkey Bike is great fun, built to a high standard and surprisingly comfortable.
    Summary of owners' reviews
    Overall rating:4.5 out of 5 (4.5/5)
    Ride quality & brakes:4.6 out of 5 (4.6/5)
    Engine:4.6 out of 5 (4.6/5)
    Reliability & build quality:4.6 out of 5 (4.6/5)
    3 more rows

    What's the difference between Honda Grom and Monkey? ›

    The biggest difference perhaps is styling, with the Grom's mini-sportbike look vs. the Monkey's '60s-cool retro look. Otherwise, in their latest model years, both the Grom and Monkey sport 125cc fuel-injected engines, though the new 2022 Grom has a higher compression ratio that increases power.

    How many miles per gallon does a Honda Monkey get? ›

    Honda doesn't have a specific fuel economy number attached to the Monkey, but Ride Apart estimates that it should get around 188 mpg or around 200 miles for a full tank.

    How fast does a trail 70 go? ›

    Bone stock, the Honda Trail 70 can reach up to 47 mph (75 km/h) – at least for post-1970 CT70 trims. On the other hand, Honda Trail 70 top speed for 100-cc converted machines can go up to 77 mph (124 km/h) or even higher, depending on the kind of mods done on the dirt bike.

    Who makes Icebear champion? ›

    Icebear Champion 125cc Street Bike(PBZ125-2) - Pioneer Powersports.

    How much does an icebear champion weigh? ›

    Manufacturer Website Listed Spec Sheet
    Engine125cc, LC152FMI, Loncin
    Weight265 171 lbs
    Weight capacity312 lbs
    Ground clearance (in inches)4.9
    Assembly requiredHandlebars, mirrors, headlight, front wheel, front fender, shift lever, battery
    15 more rows

    How fast will a Honda Monkey bike go? ›

    As long as the road you're on has a speed limit no higher than 50 mph, the Monkey does fine. Top speed varies considerably, depending on the road's grade and the rider's weight. While we've hit over 60 mph on the Monkey on downhills, consider anything over 50 mph a bonus.

    Can you take a Honda Monkey on the highway? ›

    In stock form, the Monkey can eventually hit 55 mph on a flat road, but it might only reach the high 40s if you encounter a hill or a headwind. However, add a handful of bolt-on mods and it should top 70 mph, enough to enable a daring sprint down the highway.

    How fast does a Honda Monkey Girl? ›

    Handily, there's an inset video showing her speedometer creeping up as she accelerates through that long straight, so you can monitor how fast it goes with your own eyes. Would you have guessed it could get up to 113 kilometers per hour (or 70 mph) when pressed?
    Faster, Fastest:
    Make/ModelHonda Monkey
    10 Jun 2020

    How fast does the 2022 Honda Grom go? ›

    Nonetheless, due to its top speed of about 60 mph, the Grom is too small to take on the freeway, not that I'd be inclined to do so even if I could. A larger 1.6-gallon tank (up from 1.45) will help the fuel sipper go even farther between fill-ups – last year's model got an EPA-tested 134 mpg.

    Is the 2021 Honda Monkey a 5 speed? ›

    Now, it probably won't surprise you to learn that Honda took the newly-updated 125cc engine introduced in the third-generation Grom, and has now put it inside an updated Honda Monkey. That means the new Monkey now gets a 5-speed gearbox, which will be a definite plus for riders.

    How fast can a Monkey bike go? ›

    55 mph (Est.)


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